About Liner

Wipeout LinerCaroline Lee is a Silicon Valley native, aunt to 5 beautiful nieces and a nephew, co-founder of a nonprofit, Wipeout Cancer, cancer thriver, Talent Acquisition Executive, and Ninja Warrior.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Caroline went to UCLA on a gymnastics scholarship and graduated with a degree in Cybernetics. Upon graduation, she started her career as a computer programmer, but soon shifted to focus on Recruiting initiatives. Her expertise is in project management and running large scale recruiting programs at companies such as Accenture, McKesson, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Outside of her professional career, Caroline loves participating in sports. After collegiate gymnastics, Caroline took up volleyball and other sports including flying trapeze, mountain biking, triathlon, and ice hockey. In 2010, Caroline had the opportunity to be on the TV show, Wipeout. She won her episode (S3, E11) along with $50k! Shortly thereafter, Caroline was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Through a strong network and support of family and friends, Caroline was able to overcome this set back, and return to both her professional career and weekend-warrior-on-steroids activities.

As part of her recovery, Caroline started a non-profit, Wipeout Cancer! Wipeout Cancer’s objective is to bring sports opportunities to kids living with cancer.

In 2018, Caroline experienced a relapse in cancer. After going through surgery and radiation, Caroline shifted focus on movement and fitness, and set a goal of becoming an American Ninja Warrior! In the last couple of year, she’s competed in numerous ninja competitions and was invited to compete on Season 13 of the TV show, American Ninja Warrior.

Today, Caroline is on the mend from her 3rd bout of cancer. While her chemo cycles have completed, she’s taking an additional 6 months off work to focus on rest, recovery, and recuperation.