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Do you know people who are going through their cancer journey?

Kids or adults, we would like to send comfort and show that we care. For kids (ages 4+) we have a special care package with materials to keep them occupied. For adults, we like to share a cookbook that provides good tools and information on cooking for cancer patients. Care Packages* and/or Cookbooks can be requested through a Wipeout Cancer core team member. Please reach out to one for the request form.

Care Packages

In 2019, in partnership with AACSN, we developed a care package for kids-living-with-cancer. These boxes are filled with good vibes! Positive messages, useful information, and materials to occupy the kids and keep their minds off of treatment. With the help of Stanford Women’s Gymnastics, we distributed the care packages to Lucielle Packard’s Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in Palo Alto.


Do you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with Cancer? Want to send some comfort? Reach out to us, and we’ll send them a copy of “The Cancer Fighting Kitchen” – by Rebecca Katz. Courtesy of Wipeout Cancer.  If you'd like to send a cookbook to someone you know (either fighting cancer, or perhaps a caregiver), please email

Liner doesn’t cook. Everyone who knows her understands that she’d rather be out and about vs. in the kitchen. So, why a cookbook?


Going from nutrition curiosity, confusion, and intimidation…

With the cancer diagnosis, and especially a cancer related to the digestive system, I was curious to know how foods were influencing my body. Being surrounded by endurance athletes from my triathlon days, many of the nutrition recommendations were focused on enhancing strength and endurance performance, and quite intense. General searches and discussions often led to fad diets and into conversations on what you should and should not do. With so many other things to think about, nutrition became an afterthought.


.…to information and action.

Then, one day, a nurse heard my fellow chemo-mate Vicky and I talking about nutrition. Nurse Diane suggested The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, by Rebecca Katz. While I was thinking that a cookbook is useless to me, Vicky immediately went online and purchased a book. I followed along (mainly to keep up with the conversation), and to my surprise found myself putting aside my hikes and hobbies to read the cookbook! It had more than recipes! The first chapter on understanding how food can be a cancer fighting tool kit as well as the run down of ingredients as a culinary pharmacy had me hooked. I created spreadsheets to track what I should eat and prioritize. The book takes an informative approach, presenting information in a manner that allows the reader to select and choose what’s most helpful.


My favorite recipe?

The cookbook was something Vicky and I would discuss whenever we saw each other at chemo. She would tell me about the recipes she tried, and ask if I’ve made anything. I always had an excuse (plus, I have good friends and family that cook for me). However, I’d always talk about the Almond Muffin Mania recipe. It looked snackable, healthy, and could be either a dessert or filler. My excuse? I didn’t have a mini-muffin pan, and in the pictures, it shows the muffins in mini sizes. After 2 months of discussion,, a mini-muffin pan mysteriously showed up at my door. Hands down, this is my favorite recipe!

In memory of Vicky Michelis

(Feb 2 1963 – Jan 27 2020)


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