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We love activities!  It feels great to get out and about, see friends, build new relationships, all while supporting our community.  

Quarterly Community Activity

Dinner is Served!  Once a quarter, Wipeout Cancer provides a home cooked meal to guests at the JW House in San Jose.  If you are interested in participating in one of these dinners, let us know!

JW House Dinner - 20240418.jpg
2023 04 JW House.JPEG

Sports Day for Kids

Sports Day for Kids is a free event hosted by Wipeout Cancer for kids living with cancer and their families to participate in team sports that they may not be able to with their existing treatment and care regimes. We provide a safe and fun environment for participants to learn and practice with sports programs at local colleges. This program is open to kids (ages 5 to 17 years old) living with cancer and their immediate family.

Our inaugural event co-hosted with Cancer CAREpoint was held in February 2016 with the SJSU Football Team at Spartan Stadium. Each participant in the program had a chance to meet and greet several football players on the team and got to rotate through different skills stations and activities. At the end of the event, participants enjoyed snacks and social time with the team with lots of photo opportunities.

We are excited to be bringing back this event in 2024!  Check here for more information.

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Sports Day for Charity

Wipeout Cancer’s Sports Day for Charity began in 2013 as an annual fundraising event.  The event consists of sports Liner enjoys:  volleyball, cycling, and a kid's obstacle course.  The goal was to raise $50,000 in 5 years; and with great community participation, we were able to do this within 3!  In its prime, from 2013-2017, the event hosted over 1000 participants and volunteers and raised over $25,000 to support local cancer resources.  

In 2022, we brought the event back with the objective to bring our community together – to reflect on the past, reconnect with each other, and reap new joys!  On July 30, 2022, we held Sports Day for Charity as a fundraiser, but on a much smaller scale. Benefactors this year included AACSN (Asian American Cancer Support Network), founded by the late Dr. Fidelia Butt, and Cancer CAREpoint.

Thank you, EVERYONE, for coming out to participate! After so many years and the pandemic, it was wonderful to see so many familiar and smiling faces. Despite only 2 months of planning, we had a great turnout – 39 volleyball teams and 100+ kids on the obstacle course, all supported by our 80+ volunteers!!! We’ve posted pictures from the event that you can find below with some pics on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Special thanks to Event Day Photographers: John Hopkins, Brett Loo, Garrison Wu.

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