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2023 Pickleball
Official Rules



Date:  Saturday, August 19th

Check-In:  9:00am (the tournament waiver for each team member must be signed by each team member)

General Announcements:  9:45am

Play Starts at:  10:00am

Location:  Fremont Hills Country Club, Los Altos Hills, CA; we have the courts reserved from 10am - 2pm.

Matches:  We will follow the MLP (Major League Pickleball) Format.  Each team will play 1-women’s doubles game, 1 men’s doubles game, and 2 mixed-doubles games (in this order).  Games are rally-score to 15.

Format:  Round-robin only.  Note - we have the facility reserved to accommodate round-robin play.  If time permits, we will make best efforts to facilitate additional play.

Teams:  4 members per team (2 men, 2 women*). 

* Please note that we made one (1) exception to the team format for a family with two (2) minor-aged sons. Prior to the start of the tournament, the team will specify the gender they are representing and remain under that representation for the duration of the tournament.  

There are 4 brackets, each with 4 teams:

  • Intermediate-A

  • Intermediate-T

  • Intermediate-P

  • Take No Prisoners

Tournament Ball:  Franklin X-40


  • $50/person, $200/team - by Friday, Aug 11th

  • $60/person, $240/team - by Wednesday, Aug 16th

T Shirts are included with each registration

Tournament Director:  Monica Wong

The Tournament Director reserves the right to amend the format of play or make any changes necessary to ensure a successful tournament.

Match Play

  • There are 4 members per team (2 men, 2 women).  A match consists of four games in the following order - women’s doubles, men’s doubles, mixed-doubles-1, mixed-doubles-2.

  • Games are first to 15 (win by 1) with rally scoring.  Even if the match score is 3-0, the 4th match will still be played.

  • Players will change ends when one team reaches the score of 8.

  • Rally scoring will be played until a team reaches 14, at which time the team reaching 14 first is subject to a freeze on rally scoring and must score all future points while serving.  If the trailing team reaches 13, that team too will be subject to a freeze on rally scoring and must score all future points while serving.

  • During rally scoring, players do not switch sides after winning points.  Player A for each team serves and receives on the right side when the score is even, and Player B serves and receives on the left side when the score is odd.

  • A team may choose to switch player sides during a time-out or end change, and they must inform the other team of the switch before play resumes.

  • If both teams wish to switch player sides, the team that did not call the time-out will need to inform the other team first.

  • Stacking is allowed.

Format - Round Robin

  • Round Robin play with top 2 teams in each pool receiving prizes.

  • If there is a tie for first and second place within the pool, a tiebreaker known as the “DreamBreaker™” is played; with a rotational system involving all four players in singles play.  The Tournament Director will explain this process.  

  • If time permits, we will determine if additional play is possible.


Warm Up

  • There are 8 available courts for use.

  • Court usage before 10:00am is allowed only if club members are not using the courts.

  • Please limit your warm up time to 2 minutes for all 4 team members in the upcoming match to warm up.

  • Warm up time may be shortened if both teams agree to start their match sooner.

  • Warm up time will be enforced to keep the matches moving. 


Coin Toss

  • A coin toss occurs before the warm up of each match. 

  • The winner of the coin flip will be designated as the Home Team. 

  • The Home Team will have the choice of serving first, receiving first, selecting end or deferring the choice to their opponent. 

  • If the Home Team elects to serve or receive first, the Away team may select the end. If the Home Team selects the end, the Away team may select to either serve or receive first. 

  • If the Home Team elects to defer the choice, the Away team will have the choice of serving first, receiving first or selecting end. The Home Team will then have the choice of the remaining options. 

  • Before the first mixed doubles game, the Away team will select their two starting line-ups first, and the Home team will select their starting line-up second. 

  • First serving team and court end for the start of each game will remain the same throughout the match. 

  • Before the first mixed doubles game, the Away team will select their two starting line-ups first, and the Home team will select their starting line-up second.


Time Outs

  • Each team will be allotted 2 time-outs per game (up to 1 minute per time-out). 

  • Time-outs do not carry over to the next game. If you do not use your time-outs in a game, you will lose them. 

  • A hydration break may be taken as needed but must be taken quickly with no coaching or strategizing allowed during such break. This may include drinking from your water bottle to toweling off. 

  • Paddles and ball must be left on the court. 

  • Player injury time-outs may not exceed fifteen minutes, and the length of the time-out shall be kept to a minimum but determined at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 

  • Injury time-outs do not count against the 2 time-outs per game. 



  • The ball and paddle can’t make contact above the waist. (4.A.7.c.) 

  • The server’s arm has to move in an upward arc. (4.A.7.a.) 

  • The highest point of the paddle head cannot be above the highest part of the wrist. (4.A.7.b.) 

  • To drop serve, a player can either use their non-paddle hand or their paddle to raise the ball to any natural height, then without applying any force or spin, drop the ball. By gravity alone, the ball must bounce before it can be hit.

  • You can’t cross the imaginary intersection of the centerline or sideline when serving. (4.A.4.c.) 

  • You have to keep at least one foot on the ground during your serve, obviously behind the baseline. (4.A.4.a.) 

  • If an illegal service fault is called, on the first violation in each game a warning will be given, and the server will re-serve the point. Subsequent illegal serve violations in the game in which the warning was issued will result in a loss of point and/or sideout to the opposing team as determined by the Tournament Director. 

  • Let serves that land in the designated correct service box, will be played. 

  • Let serves that land outside the designated correct service box, will be a fault. 



  • Coaching is allowed only by non-playing team members when the ball is not in play if it does not interfere with continuous play or unfairly disrupt the opposing team.

  • Non-playing team members are encouraged to sit/stand along the edge of the court or fence with their team. 

  • Coaching by non-team members is only allowed during time-outs and in between games. 


Line Calls and Foot Fault Calls

  • Each team is allowed to influence or advise a player on a line call, but it must be done in a reasonable amount of time. 

  • It is ultimately the Team Captain’s decision to overrule his or her team’s call(s)

  • Non-playing team members may make foot fault and illegal service and line calls. 

  • If both teams are not able to come to a mutual agreement on a call, the point will be replayed. 

  • If more than one call cannot be agreed upon, the Tournament Director can be summoned. 



  • Players must use a paddle brand and model that’s on the Official USA Pickleball Approved Paddle List - 

  • Players must not play with a delaminated paddle 

    • 2.E. Paddle Specifications. 

      • 2.E.1. Material. The paddle must be made of any material deemed safe and not prohibited by these rules.  The paddle shall be made of rigid, non-compressible material meeting the criteria located on the USA PICKLEBALL website.

      • 2.E.2. Surface. The paddle’s hitting surface shall not contain delamination, holes, cracks or indentations that break the paddle skin or surface. 

      • 2.E.2.a. Reflection. The paddle’s hitting surface shall not be adversely reflective, such that it has the potential to negatively affect the vision of opposing player(s). 

  • Penalty for violation could result in loss of game or match. 


Player Misconduct 

  • Players who mistreat a fellow player or volunteer will receive one official verbal warning from the Tournament Director. 

  • Penalty for violation could result in loss of game or match. 


Referees & Official Rules 

  • Referees will not be provided. 

  • Link to the USAPA 2023 Official Rule Book 



  • Scores will not be reported to DUPR.

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