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Volleyball Format, Rules, and Roster Info

Reverse Coed Fours

These rules have been written to promote safety and ensure fair competition. Regardless of all else, Tournament Directors will be the final authorities in interpretation and application of these rules.



  • The net height will be set at women’s height (7’4 3/8”).

  • Round robin pool play.

  • Rally score, win by 2.

  • Pool Play games/caps to be announced in the Captains Meeting.

  • Warm-up time is limited to 10 minutes for the first match a team plays and 5 minutes thereafter. It is the officiating team’s responsibility to monitor the time. Teams not ready to play after the allotted time will be penalized 1 point per minute until they are ready to play. If after 10 minutes, they are not ready to play, the match is forfeited.

  • At the end of each match, both captains need to verify and initial the scores.

  • Jump serves not allowed in Fun Division (except Juniors players).

  • Playoffs: In Fun Division, top 2 teams in each pool will advance to playoffs, in Competitive Division, all teams will advance to single elimination playoffs.



Based on overall player preference and USAV rules. First and foremost, have fun and be courteous, remember we are all out here for a good cause. Most significant (though not limited) to these rules include the following:

  • Serve receive: Double contact, finger action, and setting a served ball is deemed illegal on serve receive. (Hands should be clearly together.)

  • First contacts (non-served ball): A player may double the first contact of a hard driven hit. The ball cannot be lifted, caught or thrown.

  • Setting: If you set the ball over the net, it must be set forward & perpendicular to your shoulders. (Face where you are setting). Side set or back setting the ball over the net is illegal. Balls accidentally set over the net due to the wind are not a fault.

  • Female touch rule: When the ball is played more than 1 time by a team, at least one of the contacts must be made by a female player.

  • Blocking: Blocks are NOT counted as a touch. Men are not allowed to block. No redirects of the block allowed.

  • Tipping: No open hand dinks allowed.

  • Net contact: Any contact of the top of the net or contact of the net in motion of play is illegal.

  • Centerline: Players may partially or fully cross the centerline provided that this does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

  • Serving: Only one toss is allowed. Let serve allowed. Any player, male or female, may jump serve, with the exception of Friendship & Intermediate divisions, where it is not permitted.

  • Male hitting: Men are only allowed to hit from behind the 10-foot line. If a male contacts the ball completely above the height of the net, while his foot is touching or last touched in front of the 10-foot line, the hit must have a clear upward trajectory.

  • Rotation: There is no overlapping fault; however servers must serve in the same order.



  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 players. All teams* must have 2 men and 2 women on the court. If a team has more than 2 females on the court, the extra females will have to play as male. The 2:2 ratio must be maintained. Prior to the start of each match, the team must designate which females will be playing as females and which females will be playing as males. *Juniors Girls teams are allowed to have all female players. No male rules apply.

  • Injuries: In the Competitive Division, If a player is injured in pool play, a replacement player may be picked up to finish pool play, however, the team may not advance to playoffs. If a player is injured in playoffs, the team will forfeit the match.

  • Injuries:  In the Friendship division, if a player is injured in pool and there are no available players on the roster, a team may pick up a Friendship-level player to finish pool and playoffs. If a player is injured during playoffs and there is no available player on the roster, the team will forfeit the match.

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